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Phoenix is one of the hottest places to live in the United States and we aren't talking about our temperatures. Phoenix is home to hiking, outdoor sports, awesome restaurants, great bars, five professional sports teams and some of the best people you'll ever meet.

Come to Phoenix and come to life!

Why Phoenix

  • Are you a foodie or craft beer aficionado? You are going to love Phoenix.  From dive bars to fine dining, Phoenix has it all.

  • All in a day's drive

    Hop in your car and within hours you are sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, snowboarding in Flagstaff, sitting with your feet in the sands of Mexican beaches and so much more.

  • Mountains, lakes, forests, desert. If hiking, biking, camping, or just being outdoors is you, then Arizona is too.

Merging Tradition with Innovation

Since 1871, Phoenix Elementary School District #1 has been an educator for young minds. While built on a foundation of strong heritage and tradition, we remain innovative. Focused on the total development of every student, we set the standard for elementary education. We set high expectations and foster academic leadership.

Our district provides diverse signature schools that align with unique interests. We make technology accessible and encourage every child to become critical thinkers. This results in students who who are self confident and develop a lifelong love of learning.

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Our team is providing an education that expands horizons, captures the imagination, and breaks down barriers for children to succeed. We offer a 1st Class Education within reach. Our talented staff is changing student's lives across our 14 schools, delivering excellent education from pre-school to 8th grade in the heart of central Phoenix. Add to that organized sports, gifted and special education, and strong academics and it's hard to find a better place the Phoenix #1. We’re looking for passionate people who want to shape the future to join in our mission.

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Thank you for your interest in a career with Phoenix Elementary School District #1. We encourage you to search our jobs and find a career that will be rewarding beyond belief.

Get More for your Career Learn and grow with us

Phoenix Elementary School District #1 provides every person who joins our district, including those who have many years of experience, the support they need to be successful and enjoy their career in education. From early release days for staff development, discounted tuition to further your education with university partners, to the New Teacher Mentor Program, we strive to provide the support your career needs here.



We Care About our Students Fostering a supportive learning environment

Our District provides student support so that we can have the most significant impact. From breakfast and lunch, special education to gifted programs. Ensuring all students have access to music, arts, technology, nurses, social workers and psychologists are available to provide the necessary care, while our top-rated before and after school program offers children a safe place while parents are working. We are affordable with no hidden costs; we are public education providing a 1st Class Education.

Community Engagement Help shape your community

Educating the future leaders of Phoenix, transforming student lives, and providing first-class education all require active community engagement. From our board members working with parents across the District to engaging with parents in the schools we actively look to parents, local business leaders, and community members to be our partners in driving our student’s success.